Artwork and illustration by Oliver Lake.
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Children's Books


Children's Books:

Mr Rabbit - Award-winning Storybook - Music together 2015

Age range: 1-8 years

32-page, fully illustrated storybook that inspires singing, pre-literacy learning, and imaginative play between children and adults.

Available in both hardcover and board-book formats, the book includes fun activity suggestions designed to stimulate learning and music-making, both at home and in the classroom. A download of the song comes with each storybook. Age/Grade range: 1-8 years/Baby-2nd grade

Frog Fight - Julia Donaldson Plays - Pearson. 2013

16-page, fully illustrated storybook created in collaboration with celebrated children's author Julia Donaldson, each play features engaging stories, beautiful artwork and memorable characters that help kids really catch the reading bug by truly involving them in the story.

Les Petits Fairytales - Macmillan - 2012 - 2014

A series of eight children's board books, created for Macmillan publishing. Fully illustrated re-interpretations of the classic fairytales, with just a handful of words.

Out In The Wild - Albury 2016

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Age range: 1-10 years

A children’s book inspired by unusual animal friendships.

58-page, fully illustrated storybook showcasing 24 full-colour, full-page illustrations. With 24 pages of humorous rhyming verse, featuring a wide range of wild animals. Including animal facts and trivia to stimulate learning about the natural world.

A Memory of Elephants and other collective nouns for animals - forthcoming Albury 2017

Gus Berger and Oliver Lake present a children’s book of collective nouns for animals. 
Written in rhyming verse, the book showcases illustrations of wild animals in their natural habitat. A 28 page, fully illustrated storybook.

The Adventures of Pug and Cat

Forthcoming children's book about the first Pug and Cat to walk across Spain and complete the Camino de Santiago.