Artwork and illustration by Oliver Lake.



Al Capone and his chicken Ramone

Al Capone and his chicken Ramone
lived together in a house made of stone.

On sunny days for hours they’d roam
and walk through the town where they were well known.

On rainy days, they would both stay at home
and Al would play songs on his gold saxophone.

…One day it came to pass that Al was alone.

Ramone had left him, on a journey to Rome
Far away in an aeroplane he had flown.

Al tried to call him with his mobile phone
But Ramone was not there, the reason unknown.

Al felt so sad that he started to moan
At the airport he caught the next flight to Rome.

To find where Ramone was, he had to be shown
by a lady who said that her first name was Joan.

Together they travelled to a castle of stone
and Joan was swept up in a passing cyclone.

The castle was covered with vines that had grown
It was battered and weathered from winds that had blown.

The doors to the castle opened with a groan
Al walked inside and there was Ramone!

The chicken was perched, high up on a throne
It was draped in a gown that a tailor had sewn.

“Why have you come here”? Questioned Ramone
“Did you not know… I’m the king of Rome”.

The actions that followed should not be condoned
All that’s left now is one chicken bone!

This is the story of Al Capone
and the end of a chicken, that he called Ramone.

©2018 Oliver Lake All rights reserved.